Has a homeless person ever asked you for money?

It's a familiar experience in Salt Lake city.


Salt Lake City GIVING is a place where you can have these interactions securely:

make a donation to someone currently on their way out of homelessness. 

THey receive 100% of it, connecting them with a NEED that's out of reach.

Know who they are, what their story is, and how the money is used.  


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current campaign:

meet Brad!


his STORY -

Brad is originally from Texas, and has been in Utah for the last 13 years. He became homeless after losing his job due to a neurological disorder that he suffers from, similar to MS, that reduces his physical ability. He connected with the City's HOST program and recently acquired housing in a local low-income development; now he's seeking employment to be able to maintain and build upon this stability. Prior to landing in his current residence, Brad spent time on the streets of Salt Lake City and gained a unique perspective on homelessness in our city: having been woken up in the middle of the night on multiple occasions by other homeless people, asking him to come check somebody nearby for breathing or a pulse (and many times not finding one), he now feels very compassionate for those struggling with addiction and/or who need medication but can't afford it. This compassion has shaped his goals for the future, as he now has a plan to personally have an impact at reducing the number of deaths in the streets.


  • First Aid and CPR certification, for Adults and Children ($110)
  • Certification as an Instructor ($375)
    • Total goal: $485
    • HOW WILL THIS HELP? By getting CPR & First Aid certified, and Certified as an instructor (including OSHA), Brad will then be able to have an income by working at a job he can perform with his limited physical abilities, by teaching CPR classes to organizations and businesses by day. On top of that, once he becomes an instructor he wants to also start teaching these classes to the homeless by night. By arming more of them with the life-saving skills of CPR and First Aid, he is confident the number of deaths in the streets will be reduced. 


  • Brad is very dependable. We met with him in person on multiple occasions, and he showed up and was early every time, even despite the challenge he has with walking.
  • Brad cares. Anyone with the same experiences he's had could easily have decided to move on and look the other way; but instead, he saw an opportunity to have an impact and is working towards it.



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